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Our mission at Controlite Integrated Systems L.L.C is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Smart Home System Service. For more information or general inquiries, get in touch today.

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Our lighting control solutions afford you the convenience of customized mood solutions that you can recall at the touch of a button. Whether you are entertaining friends, looking to spend some time with your family, or simply need a moment of relaxation, set a personal lighting configuration that can be recalled to deliver an enhanced experience, every day.


The system will sense the change in required temperature and humidity and will give you just what you want. Turning off AC at vacant areas, having AC controlled automatically at desired room temperature, monitoring and maintaining filter cleanliness can decrease energy wastage.


Your automated curtains can do exactly what you want them to. You can set an afternoon nap button which would close your bedroom curtains for 30 minutes as you enjoy a nice nap, then open them again to wake you up gently. Or you could set them up to open and close automatically to make it look like someone is home when you are on holiday.


We work with you to design and configure a system that considers the size and shape of your room, its acoustic and light qualities, as well as its interior decor, resulting in an exceptional home audio experience.


From automated gate control to
Motion sensors, fire, gas and smoke detectors, light and heat sensors. With our system in place you can monitor your home or business with ease and effectiveness. 
We provide surveillance systems to cater to your special needs like indoor, outdoor security, night vision, recording, zooming and rotating cameras and also for event recording for family gathering. We also install video and audio intercom for main entrance.


As a registered telecom company, we can help you properly design and implement the wired and the wifi network at you home.
We follow the best technical guidelines and the best quality of hardware to provide you with a hassle free network experiance.


Supplied with Certified Engineers

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Controlite App Solution

With our mobile app, we provide a retro-fit smart home solution over wifi network. 

Our Online Store


KLUGER® from Germany

Smart BUS System with High Integration Abilities

KLUGER® is designed, developed and produced entirely in Germany. 

A leading smart home maker in the world. Based on the independently developed Klu bus control technology, the company has launched more than 100 smart products which are able to perform local and remote visualization control. The Germany-localized industrial design inherits the principle to deliver the user experience that is simple, comfortable and customer-centric.



ekinex® from Italy

Smart KNX System with High End Keypads

ekinex® is an initiative developed in 2012 thanks to a group of technical experts in automation and in particular of the KNX standard. After the development of a first set of certified products, in 2014 officially it published its website for the global market, operation that allows it to connect with the many operators of the home and building automation, architects and interior designers.



Casatunes® from USA

Smart Audio System & Matrix Amplifiers 

CasaTunes® offers flexible multi stream music servers with intelligent multi room audio system control and multi room audio amplifiers for homes and businesses.


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United Arab Emirates

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